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Taste The Opal Difference


The Opal® apple variety has been praised for its bright yellow color accented with natural russeting at the stem, but is recognized above all for offering a distinctively crunchy texture and sweet and tangy flavor. In addition to its great taste, Opal® resists oxidation so it’s less likely to brown after slicing and is perfect for snacking and lunches.

Opal Makes a Difference!


Opal® apple is known as the apple with a purpose. The goal in supporting cause is to empower people to help themselves and in turn, others, while creating sustainable solutions to problems like hunger and education. 

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The Opal® apple Youth Make a Difference Initiative.

Crave it? Find It!

The Opal® apple is grown in limited acreage and is available from January to mid-April each season. Take a look at our list of retailers to see where you can find Opal apples before they are all gone!


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